November 17, 2008

T-Pain is really on top of the Game!!!!

There was a time where i really felt that T-Pain was gonna be a one hit wonder. But for some reason he kept coming with more hits and more hits(i couldn't believe how he was on the radio). Fast Forward to 2008 and you have to give him the respect that he deserves. Most people who wanted a hit, just threw T-Pain on it and that was it. He truly is dedicated to being a legend in Hip-Hop. Theres no possible way you can go to a party and not here T-Pain. T-Pain is at the point in his career where everything he get on is a hit. We will never hear from 2 Pistols again, i can put the house on that!!LOL But best believe when she got it come on the ladies go crazy!!! I copped the Epiphany album and that album was really tough. I know this new album is even better. Chopped and Screwed with my boy Ludacris is dope track, and Freeze with Chris Brown is dope 2.
Sidebar I need everybody to listen to T-Pain track called Karaoke, forreal he really went in and showed his rapping skills, he destroyed anybody who swaggerjacked him with the vocoder(minus Weezy and Yeezy). That track soooo DOPE!!! Yo put it like this if you aint up on the T-Pain bandwagon, you need to get ya ticket, because i really don't see this ride ending no time soon. Here is the video to Karaoke, its even better to see the video!!!!!! LOL at the chinese man tryna sing Can't Believe it!!!! He toooooo funny.

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