April 21, 2009

Late Night Thinking

Whats up World!!! Its ya boy!!!(hov swag)

After watching Ray J choose Cocktail as his shorty/winner of Ray of Love. I was thinking to myself they gonna end up breaking up and being friends like what happen to Flav and Hoops..and Deelishus. Aside from all these reality BULLSHIT(In a Joe Budden's voice) I was thinking can it be possible to be in love with someone and break up with them and keep a friendship??? I doubt it you can just chill with ya ex and sit threw him/her flirting on the phone with the next chick/dude right in front of you!! I know i couldnt take it so is it really possible to become friends after being in love with someone??? Think about it and hit me with some feedback??

Sidebar: Honestly ever since my boy RC told me he was a Bulls fan i been pushing for the Bulls in the first round upset over the Defending Champs Boston Celtics. I dont know why, but that is really like the only series i can watch all four quarters of. The Bulls lost a close game tonight though, i really thought Ben Gordon was gonna finish the Celtics. Dude Ben Gordon got too much confidence in the clutch. Big Baby was balling too though. Jesus Shuttlesworth aka Ray Allen def put the dagger in the Bulls today.

Sidebar #2 Yo let me tell ya how t-mobile played me. They said i had to pay a portion of my bill over due to some banking account error and the customer lady asked me when i was gonna pay it by. Me being dumb i told her i was gonna pay it the next day. My pops forgot my cell number to pay the bill for me so he didnt pay it on friday. Tell me why t mobile allowed me service all thru the weekend so im thinking im good my pops paid them off and what not, i wake up this morning and my Berry on GSM. So i try and call my pops to see if he could pay it for me and it rings like im calling my pops den all i could hear was "Now Redirecting you to T-Mobile!" Oh hell nah!!! This some straight BULLSHIT(Budden's voice again) So i went the whole day without texting, BBM-ing, phone calls and all that. But i did get a nice theme for my Berry over at eveek.com(they got some heat for Blackberry phones) and also i started my Pokemon game on my iPod Touch. yes im 21 and im playing Pokemon. I was deprived i never got a gameboy when i was little my first gaming console was the Sega Saturn. So im reliving my youth days now. Yes my iPod Touch got Pokemon on it, i also got sega genesis games, super nintendo, and nintendo games on there, thats the benefits of jailbreaking your ipod touch!! Aight im out bout to take it down.

The Artist Known as "B"


Anonymous said...

u too early in the game to understand the significance of not having that

Anonymous said...

i swear to god i wanted to throw my blackberry out da window wen i hit refresh an it said celtics 118 bulls 115 i started beeping my horn at evry peron in front of me off of anger its iight though we in the windy city thursday night wit 4th ward rc da great swagger...