November 21, 2008

I'm Trying Y'all but Enough is Enough!!!

Everytime I build up enough pride to say im a Knick fan they do something and get me mad as hell. They traded Jamal Crawford(hands down best player) to the Golden State Warriors for Al Harrington(Warrior's 3rd option). NO less than 5 minutes pass and it pops up on the Espn ticker that the Knicks traded away Zach Randolph and Mardy Collins to the Clippers for Tim Thomas and Cuttino Mobley. Are You Kidding me?? Are you kidding me right now??

At that point my roommate Mike basically has put his security advisory to code RED and may just commit suicide over these 2 trades. I feel like Crawford and Randolph was really flourishing in the D'Antoni offense and the Knicks was looking good(Playoff Bound Calibur) but i don't know now but one thing i do know is that the crowd is going to Boo the shit out of the Knicks at the next home game. I hear its for the Lebron Sweepstakes in 2010 but for the next two years the Knick's Front Office are idiots for the stunts they pulled today.
IF and only if Lebron really decides to come to New York this move will be labeled as genius but if he doesn't come this move will remain a dumb ass move. I can't go in anymore the picture speaks for itself Im out.

>>>>The Artist known as "B"


Anonymous said...

B you already know I'm a Lebron fan to the fullest.......If Lebron go to the Knicks?!?! I'mma b a die hard Knicks fan like Coach B. Lmao. But the Knicks right now is not what good right now