November 16, 2008

Ahhh I need this..T-Mobile step ya game up!!

Forreal I never ever fell for a Blackberry Phone, until I seen this one.For those of you who really not into phones this phone is called the BlackBerry Phone, it will probably be your favorite celebrity next choice of phone to use. I first seen this phone online and real talk, it was like it a match made in heaven. Like my boy Seth said in "SuperBad", "It was like the first time I heard the Beetles!!!"I really envisioned myself with it since day 1. I didn't realized it but a BlackBerry is the true definition of a person of business. Like whenever i be on the subway, i always see people with BlackBerries constantly checking emails and etc. Here i am with a Sidekick LX....LOL , Nah but forreal, when AT&T said they was raising the bar they was not playing first they got the exclusive right to all iPhones and now this phone....Forreal AT&T that's like putting Lebron and Kobe on the same team. It's really getting ugly for the competition. T-Mobile really need to step they game(G-1 phone is not an upgrade, definitely ugly,and keep my sidekick lx!!), I'm kind of tight because i really just renewed my contract with them for another 2 years. I see Verizon tryna keep they heads above water too, with that touch screen BlackBerry Storm, that phone go hard 2. I keep hearing mixed signals some sources saying the Bold will come out for T-Mobile in January and some say it won't. Only time will tell. But for now i cam stomaxh the pain i get from watching the commercial on tv for the BlackBerry Bold... iGone

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