November 15, 2008

Max B really has the funniest DVD interviews!!!

Video from my 1 of my favorite sites, go check for more videos

For those who don't know why you here people saying owww and claiming themselves as "wavy", here is the man who created it. Max B aka "Biggaveli"(mix of Biggy and Makaveli)!!! He got this beef with Jim Jones for the longest time now. I wish they would dead the beef and make music together because Jimmy really need that man. "Harlem: Diary of a Summer" was a classic. Hopefully Obama can sit these two men down. LOL Its funny how now that Barack is the president or soon to be president everybody really look for him to be the answer to every problem LOL. I know Barack better get me this 4.0 for this semester!!! Until next time my peoples, in the words of Jamaican who pick up their house phones Hello-Goodnight!!!

>The Artist Known as "B"