March 30, 2009

Kanye West is KING!!!!!

I made my way over to Kanye's blog like i usually do and he posted a link I must say this is so dope and addicting. Daft Punk really got the Hov treatment LOL. They made it a hot line, but Ye made it a hot song. Im really bout to go listen to Graduation now.

Sidebar: I really went and bought 2 Copies of Graduation and I still have the one that i never took out of the rapper. Just in case the RIAA cracks down and shuts down all illegal downloading by the time I have kids lol. Man I wonder what will we be listening to 30 years from, I don't think iPod gonna still be Hot in 30 years. Real Talk im not even gonna sleep on Apple though.

The Artist Known as "B"