March 16, 2009

I Can't stop Bumping this Mixtape

On my way to work on Saturday, i couldn't stop listening to this Mixtape. Its so official better yet a referee with a whistle.(a la Snoop Dogg LOL) Seriously i love mistapes that give you an album feel. I felt the same way when i listen to Lupe Fiasco Mixtapes like all 3 parts of "Fahrenheit 1st /15th" and the "Mick Boogie X Lupe Fiasco It Was Written Mixtape", and Wale's "Mixtape About Nothing". Back to Drake though, forreal its too many good songs on that mixtape. Im put it out there and say I like every track on the mixtape, just go get and listen to it.
I was on the train and it came to the end and i was thinking like what album should i play next then my brain was just "Nah Chill put that Drake back on"

The Artist Known as "B"