March 15, 2009

I didn't know it was that many models in NYC....

My homegirl Saph was out there for like 20 hours for her audition tryna get her model on because she is under 5'7 and I think its messed up how things went down. According to the New York Post, Tyra made a new rule allowing females under 5'7 to try out for the America's Next Top Model. So after hours of waiting i guess people were tryna cut the number of people waiting by acting as if a car was about to blow up and saying somebody had a gun. Its tactics i have used before when i use to do the Black Friday Holiday at Best Buy. Pretty Much a riot broke out and ended the auditions. Six people were injured, my homie Saph was aight tho. Stop by her page and say something nice and inspiring to her. Her youtube is

The Artist Known as "B"