December 31, 2008

Album Review: A Different Me

The album dropped on Dec 16th and in its first week of sales, she sold about 322,000, which makes her best first week sale. Keyshia Cole went out and got my boy Nas on the album, i was like Wow, i really couldn't see them colaborating but the track was aight "Oh-Oh, Yeah-Yeah". "Trust","You Complete Me", "Brand New"and "This is Us" are the best songs on the album hands down like 6:30!! I can really play them all day, i feel like Keyshia was singing to me on all of them. Monica did her thang on the "Trust" track. Some other favs on the album that you should check out is "Make Me Over",, "No Other", , and "Where This Love Could End Up". Overall the album is good music and its a good look by Keyshia because she dares to be different because on the first two albums you could really feel the pain that she was going through, but we all know with all the bumps and roadblocks that life throws at you, theres always light at the end of the tunnel. Pretty much this album is Keyshia's bringing us on the ride and showing us that she getting closer to that light.

Sidebar:"Play Ya Cards Right" is a nice track but it really weird that its 2008 and Tupac is still featuring on people tracks. LOL I know ya remember when they said he was alive and was living in Cuba. Ha Ha Ha!!!

"Trust" ft Monica

>>>The Artist Known as "B"