December 26, 2008

A Fresh Face: Keri Hilson

I Can Definitely Recognize that Keri Hilson is a real woman(in my Jerome voice from Martin). She been putting her stamp on the game with her songwriting skills. Now she stepping from behind the scenes and stepping in the limelight with her voice. Her songwriting resume dates back to 2001. I'm really feeling her 3rd single that's killing the radio waves, "Turning Me On", and she got Lil Wayne on the track as well[which never hurts to as a feature]. She is also featured on the "Superhuman" track with Chris Brown(This is my f*ing song 2).Her album, "In a Perfect World" is set to release[February 9, 2009] so go out and cop it if you feeling her music. Here is Turning Me On video:

>>>The Artist Known as "B"