December 31, 2008

Most Anticipated Round this time

Skillz "Wrap up" tracks are really fire. This is the Wrap up 2008. He flow so easy. This shit Bomb(DC Lingo), Ja-Like Fire forreal. He said Bush almost got aShoesinnated!!! OMG somebody pass me a napkin that was funny, just a lil bit aight maybe not funny but it was creative tho. LOL

[Click Here] for Skillz - 2008 Wrap up .

On behalf of Flix For Thought, XOXO Hadi and myself The Artist Known as "B" would like to wish everyone A Happy New Year and make sure you write down your resolution because i forgot mine for this year and thats real sad, cuz i can't even say if i followed it lol. I want to see if the Ball really gonna be Ciroc Blue like Diddy wanted it to be. Sidebar: If the ball is Ciroc Blue, is it wrong for me to say that millions of people are gonna gather in the City to watch Blue Ball Drop?? What?? aight no homo!!Ha ha ha Im out

>>>>The Artist of Known as "B"