December 31, 2008

Back in the Days

It feels strange to say that at age 21 but real talk I really miss a lot of things from back in the days. With the new year just around the corner and all that it has to offer for everyone, I just sat back and reminisced about mad shit. Now that I'm on break from school thats all I really do is sit around, think, listen to music, play video games or play basketball. I had some videos from my myspace blog I did a while back and it reminded me of how good television was. It was so much quality shows on. My parents was strict daddies too when I was young so I never really got to go outside unless I did all my homework, but TV was soo crack that I was hooked from the time I came home to about 7 pm and thats when I usually started my homework.

Nickelodeon had shit on smash with crack shows like: Keenan & Kel, SNICK, All That(1st cast), Are You Afraid of the Dark, Doug, Adventures of Pete & Pete, Legends of the Hidden Temple, My Brother and Me, Aaahh Real Monsters, Salute Your Shorts, Clarissa Explains it All, Wild and Crazy Kids, Double Dare, Rocko's Modern Life, Rugrats, and Cousin Skeeter. The list really can keep going [Ya remember Wayne Head???], but real talk that was all on one channel. When you built up enough strength to turn the channel you had The Power Rangers, Arthur, VR Trooper(was aight).

Then you had the sitcoms like:Martin, Jamie Foxx Show, The Fresh Prince, Wayne's Brothers, Sister Sister, Living Single, Hanging w/ Mr. Cooper, Moesha, Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Blossom, and NY Undercover. I know I'm missing some but forreal kids these days are real unfortunate that they dont have shows of this quality on TV. I really went in on the list too, I just stopped and smile a lil bit. Not taking anything from TV now a days but it will never be the same. I'm done.

Sidebar: I remember I was feening to be on Wild & Crazy Kids, I really felt like I would smash every kid on that show in anything. Omar Gooding and Keenan were 2 people I looked up to especially cuz I was chunky daddies as a kid.

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