October 28, 2009

Where being Fat may Save a Life

I ran across this story and i had to keep reading on. Its a very curious case here. Let me make a long story short, pretty much a Father-in Law is accused of killing his daughter's husband. Supposedly they had beef. What the father in law defense is that he was pretty much way too fat to have committed the crime. At the time of the murder he weighed in at 285lbs and was in such bad physical shape that couldn't have pulled off the shooting or the fast getaway the killer made. There was a flight of steps that he had to run up and down. I like stories like this because it taps into the CSI/ criminal lawyer that is in me. The Son in law was on the phone with his girlfriend(divorced the father in law daughter) and the girlfriend called the cops ASAP after she heard the Son-in-Law scream. Cops arrived within minutes.(white neighborhood..lol..hey its true) So the defense attorney says that the father in law could not have been the murderer and killed the man and clean up the scene and got out of the scene within minutes before the police came. Its a crazy court case but who is to say he didn't have an accomplice with him. Let's just say that he had a friend with him who did all the work for him and the fat guy was just there to point him out. its a thought.

Click Here for the article Edward Ates Says He's Too Fat to Have Killed Son-In-Law