October 15, 2009

Richard Heene found a Storm He was not looking For

I was watching the coverage of this and I couldn't help but think that kid will be on every talk show when he lands. I started watching when the 6 yr old boy was up at about 11.000 ft. The boy and his family was featured on Wife Swap, his father Richard Keene is known to be a mad scientist. Update as I am writing this, the kid was not found in the balloon. WHAT THE??? Where did he go??? WOW I will be back with an update.

*UPDATE: I knew he would be found alive, little Falcon was found in a box in the attic of there garage. Its a great ending something like a Chris Angel Mindfreak's Illusions. I wish Falcon would've been in the balloon to have a story to tell the media. Well as long as no one was hurt, except for the dude who tried to be Superman and run can catch the balloon but fell headfirst in the dirt. LOL hilarious he prolly got a scraped knee.