April 25, 2009

Wildout weekend!!!

Wild ouuuutttttt!!!!! Yo my weekend was crazy!!! So on friday Lupe and N.E.R.D. Came thru and tore the house down!!! Both did a good job on stage. I didnt expect anything less from them in all honesty. The Caution Dance team got to take a pic with Pharell. Which was cool and Lupe was out ASAP he said he was heading to Jersey. I had a good floor seat but my female entourage was a tad too short to see the stage from where we was at and plus wehd this big speaker in our view as well so we smooved off to the stands. We had terrible seats but I could see everything so it was cool. I got back to my apt OD late and I had to be up at 8:30 to leave to go to Six Flags!!! So today I dragged my tired ass(sorry little kids reading this) out the bed and got on the bus. Weather was on point today it really felt like summer out there. I been to six flags so many times and today as my fist time on the Superman(yoooooouuuuuuuu)(pause) but the ride was crazy(pause). I really felt like Superman.

Sidebar the prices at Six flags are ridiculous, yo they were charging 6 dollars for some ice cream lol. Luckily my school got us the food waivers with our tickets. I got the chicken tenders at the Character's Cafe, shouts out to them for always holding me down and never disappointing me with they food.

The NFL draft was today and I'm feeling good about the Broncos picks. Hats off to my boy Mike's team for drafting Mark Sanchez. That's a good look real talk. Shouts out to the Niners my boy J serv team for scooping Crabtree its a vital piece in their 10 year plan of getting back to the playoffs. Who else to shout out umm ohh yeah RC and his Eagles scooped up Maclin and Mccoy. Yo I just thought of this while typing maclin and jackson is a nice look both them jokers can return kicks too. Man Madden gonna be crazy this year I can't wait!!! Shout out to my brother Bill for not knowing who Donald Brown is but later on remembering.

I got to go finish watching Kobe destroy Ronnie Brewer defense as well as the res of the Jazz lol

Im really debating on canceling my myspace since i dont really go on anymore and getting a twitter. Imma keep ya updated if i get a twitter page.

The Artist Known as "B"


ThoughtEvokesExpression said...

LMAO at the Niners 10 year plan.

You know my squad did the DAMN thing with Sanchez (yes,shout to USC). I already know dude gonna help us at the QB position cause of his swag (word to Dre) and charisma. Dude shows emotion. I hate these lame ass dudes that be on the field lookin like some stone statues.

Lupe was dope. N.e.r.d. was dope.
6 flags was dope. My condolences on Knowshon when Orakpo was still on the board but its all good. You know homeboy gonna kill in the Madden franchise mode in a year or 2 lol.

Anonymous said...

yo um not gon get souped til we two days from the super bowl word up... but we had an offidal draft an free agent pick ups victor harris v-tech pick up was my favorite...