January 13, 2009

Got Poetry??

This is nice piece from an artist name Pat's Justice and this one is called "Innocent Criminal". This is really whats been going thru my mind after seeing all of this horrific news around the US and the world. So i bring you this piece and see how you like.

Imma keep it funky and just tell ya that i really love poetry and just because i don't want to wait like a couple days and then post another one imma give you another video to watch that i really like 2.[Even though i definitely know imma still post another but yo you can't blame this artists be going in forreal!!]

The 2nd video is by Sciryl & Riva out of NY and its called "My Best Friend(Hip Hop)". This one is a problem as well. Just watch it!!

The Artist Known as "B"


AB BABY said...

That "My Best Friend" joint is definitely crazy. I really like the rewind and fastforward, it got me out of my seat! lol But Pat's Justice is my favorite. I felt like I just walked outta class with a whole new perspective ya know?