April 25, 2009

WIfey Swag!!!

I was talking to some of my homies on the BBM Conference and my homegirl "LM" asked me who did i think had the most swag and my first response was my wifey Keri Hilson. She really has not dissapoint me yet with her appearance in public and in pictures that i see of her. They all agreed with my answer as well. I had to put this up cuz she sporting the Yeezy's, its not too often i catch Keri without some heels on.

Im out sidebar: Kobe really think nobody is guarding him, he really went like 10-12 when Brewers was guardingin.

The Artist Known as "B"


Anonymous said...

she deff got hella swagga big bra... wit dem big ass yeazy's on lol nah she got it though

Rc da great

Drae easy said...

swagg heavy right now b keep it swaggin

AB BABY said...

YOOOO... i think im the only female who understands how HEAVY Keri Hilson is... sidebar: can we talk about how I get MASSACARED @ the apt for this ish?!?!