January 18, 2009

A Star in the making

I caught my boy Andre Berto fight last night on HBO, he slipped up in the first round but held it down and beat up Luis Collazo. Berto is a Haitian Boxer from Florida and as the clock runs down for big name boxers like Oscar De La Hoya, Berto is coming up in the game and in 2009 looks like you will be hearing from him even more. Berto is 24-0 and got 19 Knockouts, and he is the WBC welterweight champion. He represented Haiti in the Olympics as well. Berto got the fastest hands since Floyd and with the people in his corner he may be as dominant as a Floyd Mayweather. We will have to wait and see in the future about that tho. Haiti Stand Up!!! Check out the video of my boy goin in!!

The Artist Known as "B"


Anonymous said...

Haitian to dee bone!!

ddadiva said...

Good review on him