January 8, 2009

Heyyy Mrs Parker!!!!

Candace Parker has achieved a lot over these past couple months. She has won Rookie of the Year, MVP award, Olympic Gold Medal, and a National Championship. Well now she is taking her game to a new hood, MOTHERHOOD!!! Yes she is pregnant and the baby father is Shelden Williams of the Sacromento Kings (cough cough former Duke Player). Candace Parker has always been the sexiest chick playing ball. Now she gonna have a child and all im thinking is if its a boy will he go to Duke like his pops, or the real debate if its a girl will she go to Duke or Tennessee?? Cuz both programs is nice but i doubt by the time she is 18-19 Pat Summit will be coaching lol. Thats crazy to think like me but forreal Candace is like 6'4 and Shelden is about 6'9. So the baby gonna be like 4'9 by age 5 LMAO. Congrats to the married couple and the basketball world will be watching out!! LOL


Anonymous said...

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