August 30, 2009

B's Sports Locker: Football season

Is it me or is the football season moving like molasses. I remember i didn't know what molasses was but i definitely agreed with whatever the person was trying to imply. Im a big USC fan and i feel like this particular college football season is taking forever to begin. Today i received bad news that Ronald "RoJo" Johnson will be out with a broken collarbone until mid October. He got injured in a team scrimmage by an under thrown ball by Matt "Born Ready" Barkley. (Sorry Lance) This is a big loss for USC but only in my mind. I understand we have 5 star players waiting in the chamber ready to be unleashed but I feel with RoJo going down, we lose a Receiver with college game experience, who also has great speed and instinct. The luxury that USC has is that it has two five-star wide receivers who will have to take their game up another notch and will be counted upon to take snaps. Congrats goes out to Matt "Born Ready" Barkley for winning the starting job and placing his name in the USC record books for being the first true freshmen to start in USC History. He is surrounded by so much talent that i hope he will be comfortable out there. Its a great position to be in, especially knowing that USC returns all the offensive linemen from a year ago. Then in the backfield you have the powerful runner in Stafon Johnson, speedy back in Joe McKnight, balanced back in CJ Gable, and Allen Bradford will probably see some snaps as well. On the other side of the ball the defense has a lot to prove to the nation. Taylor Mays doesn't have much to prove to the nation, because he has already earn the respect from everybody except for my boy RC, who still doesn't see what everybody else see in Taylor "Guillotine" Mays. I just want the season to just hurry up and get here already. Is there anybody else out there who feels the same way.

Sidebar: I also have to put this in that i want everybody to be on the lookout for Raymond Graham this year at University of Pittsburgh. He is gonna make some noise this year on the gridiron. He just might grab that Big East Freshmen of the Year award too at the end of season but that remains to be seen. I rather let his play and stats do the talking for me. Men Lie Women Lie, Numbers Dont.