August 30, 2009

B's Sports Locker: Brandon Marshall

Today in my sports world i have to vent about so much sports related topics, ya might as well "kiss the baby". Go Ahead.... Let's start off with T.Owens Jr. aka Brandon Marshall. Let me get this out the way I do respect his wishes of getting a new contract but the manner he is going about it is definitely not professional and this is what makes me mad. The actions on the practice, wanting to get traded, and the sensitivity he carries around its just sickening as a Bronco fan to see that. Its no wonder why Joey Porter got all in his head last year. B Marsh got little kids who look up to him and this is not how you carry yourself as a professional. When you get to the league there is a certain way you are suppose to carry yourself. I feel during the time where Mike Shanahan got fired and Jay Cutler got traded, B Marsh has loss sight of that. I really hope he doesn't get traded, I rather we keep him and he doesn't play the whole year, and especially its his last year in his contract so he will lose all leverage in the free agency market because teams will give him the label as a prima dona and a cancer in the locker room. He will pretty much have an NFL version of Allen Iverson free agent period in which it will be tough to find a team that will put up with that.