December 4, 2009

Let's Go Chris Brown

I can't wait for tonight's 20/20 interview with Chris Brown!! It's redeem Friday for C Breezy. Its time to point the finger at Rihanna now. All pun intended by the picture too. LOL He didn't sell his side on that 106 and park interview with Rocsi. I was too busy looking at dem knee high boots he had on. SMH but I hope to get the male version of what happen. I hope everybody else tunes in tonight.

Sidebar: Is it me or do yah notice these subliminal songs being released by Rihanna and Chris Brown?? Crawl is a definite Rih Rih song and Rih Rih's Russian roulette is a definite Chris Brown song too. She might as well called it Text Messages.

Sidebar#2: Ya see how technology is taking over the world, 15 years ago you would never hear of celebs getting caught with text messages or leaving voicemails on side chick phones. SMH at Cheetah Woods oops i mean Tiger. LOL Ya know that was funny though.